4 ways MSP can secure your cloud services on your client

As hosted cloud services are becoming more prevalent in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), MSPs are finding that the burden of server maintenance and data protection no longer falls on cloud providers

Take Hosted Exchange For example: a service such as Microsoft Office 365 does not require maintenance for Microsoft Exchange. All data is backed up and stored securely in the Microsoft data center.

Or it’s just for Microsoft, there are no services hosted in the cloud. Many MSP ideas have focused on adding backup copies for cloud service providers to their backup and replication systems.

By adding such services, a customer can really add value in an industry where service margins in the cloud are low.

Here are 4 areas in which your IT support activities can help your customers protect the cloud.

Continuity e-mail

E-mail is essential for many customers and therefore guarantees a continuous flow of e-mail when a service in the cloud is interrupted. This approach can be used by many customers. Security products provided with many cloud services mean that spam, bad news, or legitimate e-mails that are falsely labeled as spam remain a problem.

The solution is to provide both redundancy and better spam filtering, using the best products for email filtering.

By redirecting the MX record of DNS clients to a third-party mail filtering product, such as GFI Max Mail or Exchange Defender, and then configuring this service for sending emails to the cloud-hosted service, the customer can email security. A second website to connect when the cloud host’s email service is blocked.

In addition, email filtering services often offer the ability to archive e-mail messages. This allows you to meet your internal and organizational standards and add another source of recurring revenue to your MSP business.

the sites

Unlike email, the customer’s website is often one of the largest and weakest cloud hosting services. Much of the small MSP will tell how customers hacked into their website and eventually posted a political message or something worse. A service such as CodeGuard guarantees an automatic backup of your customer’s website. Even if a violation or accident prevents the website from working properly, you can quickly restore the customer’s site to its previous state.

Social networks

Similarly, Cloud Backupify allows users to automatically back up other cloud-hosted services, such as Gmail, Flickr, Facebook (including fan pages), and Twitter. This will ensure that the cloud service provider loses the data or the user destroys it. A backup is available in private.

Saving data

Another popular service that receives online backups is orbit. These services can be as simple or complex as the client requests. As a result, dynamic document and other data backups are automatically created based on a cloud data center program. The advantage of this type of service is that the online managed backup service allows you to schedule backups during periods of downtime (for example, hours worked).

If automatic backup is not possible, MSP can also help customers manually back up their service data to the cloud. Online accounting and CRM services often allow you to export data to a single file for backup purposes. Therefore, MSP can establish a recurring ticket in the Professional Services Automation System (PSA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to ensure that the client or client is downloaded. This data is stored in a secure location, on the site, or with another backup. Tool in the cloud.


Whatever cloud services your customer uses, such as MSP, you have the obligation and the ability to treat these services as a service on the site to ensure regular backup of data.

If you do not trust the cloud provider for backups, it means that the customer can be sure he is there to find it.

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