Understanding the small business cloud: banking analysis

Since when are you online? Personally, I started in the 90s and it would be interesting to calculate how much time you saved online, check credit and transfer money without taking the phone or branch. visit

Online banking is widespread, with the exception of an old event and some homeless people who are now a standard for personal banking. If we are aware of this, we use banking as an example of cloud computing. Put your money in the system and make sure it stays separate, does not it? I’m willing to bet, so do not worry about mixing your money with other people, right?

The same thing happens in the cloud with your data. The cloud provider will transport your data to a “virtual server” on an excellent computer in a secure data center. This can be a large computer owned by the seller. This is the configuration of a third-party company or cloud that the vendor resells to its customers. This raises the question of whether it is better to work with a vendor or direct provider in the cloud. I recommend a direct source and there are reasons for that, but for another article another day.

So, you dump your data in the database and access the information that concerns them, and edit them whenever you want. This “bank” is open all day. You do not even need a computer to access this data, even if your computer is functioning as a device accessing the cloud. You can access your data anytime and from any device to browse the internet.

So far, your need for a server in your office has disappeared. You have to update it again, that’s the story. I’ve replaced cloud-enabled devices that do not contain moving parts, and I’ve had annoying computers for 10 years that do not need to be replaced. This saves a lot of money, but is it money?

Our research on our customers indicates that money is a catalyst for a network in the cloud. However, once the company enters the transition phase, it saves money compared to upgrading access, security and backup systems.

Users inform us and we can confirm that everything is working properly in the cloud. Your system is in an ideal environment with energy and online backup in case of disaster: the configuration of our cloud records data once, twice, once in the cloud and in an unknown remote location.

I hope this will help resolve some of the cloud concerns by highlighting many of the qualities. This is the latest update for the small business network and is the most important change in the way you work: a cloud provided by the right vendor is definitely out of the IT business. Now they will be like electricity, you buy, but someone else does it.

Then explore the cloud and see it, as I said. Let’s be clear, this is a person who has clients in the cloud in four countries and who has managed his own cloud for six years. The cloud is worth your trust. You can count on it.

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