Unlimited cloud storage

Cloud data storage is available to everyone at a very reasonable price. From limited free space accounts, which synchronize certain folders on multiple computers, to large accounts that support your entire hard drive, you can save files in the cloud to meet all your needs. At the end of the day, if you want, you can get it.

The next question is how much you should get. Do you have to pay a limited amount of cloud storage, such as 250 GB, or should you choose an unlimited option?

Here are some good reasons to consider at least unlimited data storage in the cloud.

  1. You will always need more. Do you remember when good digital cameras record only 3.5 megapixels when video resolution was popular? Meanwhile, digital cameras usually require 7 or 8 megapixels and the video resolution is also very advanced. However, these images require more space on your hard drive. It also seems that the program consumes more memory and that new computers have hard drives of several hundred gigabytes when viewed in megabytes. With this trend demanding more and more memory, it’s safe to assume that you do not have enough space for your needs if you’re not using unlimited storage.
  2. An unlimited set of accounts is often similar to a limited account.

With unlimited storage, the difference in the spring is often less than a dollar a month. This is the very low price you pay if you do not have to worry about updating your account and if you need more storage space or if you limit the amount of storage in the system. cloud. When comparing prices with cloud file storage options, be sure to check the price tag for unlimited cloud storage. You can pleasantly surprise yourself. I am aware that at least one company offers unlimited cloud storage reaching the same price of 250 GB.

  1. Assistance is prudent.

The recording of files in the cloud, especially images, has reached a whole new level. The time when I had to send photos of material to share photos is over. E-mailing photos to your loved ones is also outdated. You now share a folder of your cloud storage and add photos at any time. In minutes or seconds, these photos are displayed on your computers.

However, sharing a folder means that the space in the cloud is used in the accounts of all parties involved. For example, suppose you have friends who want to share photo folders with you. This increases your storage requirements in the cloud. With unlimited cloud storage, you can accept or decline invitations to get shared folders based on other issues and available space.

If you choose cloud storage, you do not necessarily need to set up unlimited storage space from scratch (you can always update it later). Make sure you check the prices for the unlimited option. This could be useful to you from the beginning.

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