How To Make 500$ Per Week On Instagram

Instagram is one of this generation’s fastest-growing marketing tools; for that reason, with some creativity and a few basic startup strategies, everyone can make money. By creating a committed, well-kept Instagram account with high-quality material, reaching out to brand names or photography sites, and producing material that people are willing to pay for, you too can make money via Instagram! You will be surprised to see there are already Millions of people making a full-time income with the help of Instagram. Today I will some the best possible ways to make Money 500$ per week on Instagram.

1. Affiliate Marketing.

what is an affiliate marketing, basically when you sell somebody else’s product and you get a commission on each sale? The reason why I like affiliate marketing, especially for beginners, is because you don’t need a product and you don’t need to deliver the product you don’t even need to sell the product. what do I mean by this? well, most affiliate products if you go to ClickBank(an affiliate marketplace) if you go to all these affiliate websites, they’ve got a sales page they’ve got an email back end sequence everything running automatically you just need to plug in your affiliate link into where you want to promote it and you’re good to go you don’t even need to create the landing page. you don’t need to create follow-up emails to increase conversions. you don’t need to deliver the product the only thing you need to do is to push traffic to the product and that’s it. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for beginners to start making money on Instagram.

2. Selling Ebooks.

Number two is selling ebooks. Now why selling ebooks is a good thing to do is because it’s very easy to get started with. as well it’s fairly easy to create an e-book. you just open up a Google document you write some text you design it you make it look nice and you save it as a PDF and boom you got yourself an e-book ton of websites out there creating free covers for e-books as well. Ebooks are a very good way to make money online as well. especially with Instagram because when it comes to making money online you want to increase your profit margins as much as possible if you’re selling a physical product you’re gonna have to pay for shipping you’re gonna have to pay for the creation of the product. An e-book requires absolutely nothing to create it can be value-packed it can be worth a lot of money as long as you have value to put into it. If you got a skill, you can charge more for that ebook it can be in any niche and you have a 100% profit margin there’s no real delivery of the product. you just give them the e-book and the product has been delivered. There’s no follow-up anything none of that it’s very very easy and so that’s why creating ebooks also is one of my favorite ways to make money especially using Instagram.

3. Sell Your Own Product Or Course

Selling your own digital products the Make 500$ Per Week On Instagram. Creating content around your course and promoting it to your audience. Selling your own course or product on Instagram is one f the best way to build passive income. create Step by step guide the clearly represent your product and start selling it to your followers. You can earn much more than you think when you are real and consistent with what you are doing. 

4. Became an Influencers.

Became an Influencers. why I put it as the last one because to me it seems the most challenging niches, a challenging way to earn money on Instagram. because in the other methods you don’t really need a lot of followers and a huge engagement to start earning money. For this method you really need to have a certain amount of community like you need to have at least, I would say 20to30K followers and a really good engagement rate. it’s a really really challenging method to earn money but it’s the most sustainable one. because it will start to pay off quite well. You can charge as per your requirements for any brand promotion. You will be surprised to see Instagram influencers charge around 1k$ to 10k$, Just for a Brand awareness post and shoutouts. Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industry, you don’t need to worry about earning potential it.

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