The best digital marketing trends in 2019.

We are close to 2018. But I’m sure he did not talk too late about the major trends in digital marketing in the years to come. Between a strong business plan for the first quarter of 2019 and the implementation of digital marketing strategies, it’s good to know how the market can be designed in 2019.

Here are some trends that will shape digital marketing around the world.

video marketing

One of the most effective digital marketing techniques next year will be video marketing. According to a report, 80% of online content is visible. It offers a general description of the product and services with a touch of entertainment and humor.

Since the introduction of smartphones and social media platforms, it is best to use video as one of the best ways to market a product. A short video that not only conveys the message effectively, but also gives your campaign an emotional atmosphere.

AI – Future machines

According to a report by Adobe, machines become critical enough to make strategic marketing decisions. Is not it fascinating? Imagine having to store all your data on the server and get suggestions for your marketing strategies. Not yet complete, these strategies are synchronized with the customer behavior patterns. Amnesty International will dramatically change marketing in the near future.

Automated chat boxes

I am sure you have found a discussion box by browsing the Internet. Cat images are one of the most used artificial intelligence applications. The results are not only displayed faster, but the chat rooms are fun and offer the customer a personal experience. In addition, IBM indicates that 85% of all machine interactions with customer service will be implemented later this year.

voice search

You should know more about Alexa and Google Home these days. If not, read about it. According to a research report, 65% of smartphone owners say they do not want to go without audio assistants. Smart speakers change the data browsing possibilities.

Have you tried to search for content using voice commands? Here is the role of digital marketing. Any SEO you play on your website also requires support for voice commands.

Fall of the Kingdom – Internet vs. Television

In this millennial generation, when a person spends more time talking on the phone or surfing the Internet, it is only a device to connect gaming units. According to this study, users spend nearly 2.5 hours online and 2.7 hours with their player. This leads to a change in the style of advertising, which switches from TV channels to websites.

Content – Trusted soldier

We read articles, blogs, newsletters, etc. every day, but what if you can not find real, trustworthy content? The content is not just facts and figures, it must be simple, clean and deep. By 2019, the content will have the same meaning as in the past. Makes the register reliable and faithful despite all the means.

If you are still looking for information on the same subject, contact us and let our experts provide you with detailed information on digital marketing trends in 2019.

The author of this article, Prashant Bhatia, is associated with Praadis Consulting Inc., which has a long history of information technology, information and communication technology, smart city solutions and intelligent learning services. Praadis Consulting Inc. strives to bring real value to the data-intensive business processes that help businesses around the world meet their challenges.

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