There is always an option or a chance to make money online during these quarantine times or any other days and work from home is now a lot easier nowadays. Or you could start yourself an online business this article will likewise help you to explore options regarding the online business you could start from home and work from home jobs.

Setting up an online business

Setting up an online business is relatively easy nowadays and if you put in the right amount of time in online business you could make some money. There are many types of online businesses available in the industry which poses some risk to the user.

The type of business we are going to discuss is called affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a very reliable online business which poses less risk compared to dropshipping business where you will have to spend more.

Affiliate marketing is rather simple and easy compared to any other modes of the e-commerce business. There are many affiliate marketing tools that can be used to make a profit in affiliate marketing.


There are many internet marketers who are looking for people who can run their Facebook ads or people who could manage them. Facebook ad agency business requires no inventory; you just need to have knowledge in running ads on Facebook.


1.Website manager:

Managing a website is really an easy task for a person with some high school knowledge. Plus this skill is easily learnable with some couple of youtube videos that could easily teach you how to manage a WordPress site.

2.Graphic designer:

A little or intermediate knowledge in photoshop will qualify you as an eligible graphic designer. One can easily download templates online and edit them; this job can easily found at freelancing sites.

3.Virtual assistant:

A virtual assistant might be the highest paying jobs in work from home category. There are many kinds and types of virtual assistants who are in high demand. There are more websites that hire virtual assistants.

4.Transcriptionist :

The job of a transcriptionist is to transcribe the audio into a text file or vice versa it is usually done in order to transcribe a medical file.

5.Stock photographer

Most probably one of the easiest jobs in the list where a phone with an internet connection is enough to earn. There are many people on the internet looking for stock photos and you could meet their deeds. There are many websites that pay for your photos.

6. Content writer

Do you have some good skills in English writing or you are somehow perfect in grammar than content writing can help you to make more dollars.