VPSDeploy: here’s how Endpoint Management works

VPSDeploy is a new Cloud VPS provisioning service launched in 2018.

It is designed as a way to create rich digital experiences (via the Internet) that typically require a lot of “basic work”, such as asset development / aggregation and server replication.

The solution was originally developed to solve the “Ruby on Rails VPS” problem; This basically means that to properly host Ruby on Rails, you need to use a new popular “cloud-based” VPS service – as DigitalOcean The Vultr falls into this category.

For most people, the problem is that even if they have an amazing VPS server at $ 5 per month (equivalent to “shared” hosting rates), you need to set up the set. This is a big problem because you are primarily a network administrator and you have to install, update and update the server and its programs.

Although the installation of Web server software is not a problem, it can be problematic: the creation of a publication mechanism is very difficult (especially via HTTP). To this end, a series of solutions have been developed to solve the problem, including the capistrano dolls and the chef.

VPSDeploy was created to provide a viable solution to this problem.

It provides a web platform on which you can deploy VPS servers in the cloud running Ruby / Python / NodeJS / PHP. Unlike other “publishing” solutions (such as Nanobox or Hatchbox), VPSDeploy offers many innovative features that make it very attractive …

endpoint manager
This is the most important part of the system. Instead of implementing “applications” or even “servers”, VPSDeploy focuses on endpoint computers that a domain can have (subdomains / folders). You can configure a different server infrastructure for each endpoint. This allows you to host “blog” instances on the same server as the Ruby on Rails application. This is important because it interrupts the system compilation process, which allows you to create excellent web services for your users. This means that you can effectively manage the support, email, blog, and application components in the centralized application (instead of combining them with different services). Moreover, it makes the development of your application completely objective. Instead of focusing on “pages,” you can specify different endpoints that the application design experience can contain.

VPS dashboard
This allows you to integrate multiple web services into the central VPSDeploy platform. For example, the ability to track analytics, social media postings, SEO performance, and even the number of users with an app. Consider the central VPS panel as the best management space for any Web application. Like the CPanel panel, they provide access to a database system and other low-level services, with the exception that most of them are already run by the API (which means that you do not have to worry about your infrastructure). This is a revolutionary feature that is eagerly awaited in the world of web publishing.

Publication based on GIT
With the GIT-based delivery mechanism, users can deploy applications directly to their infrastructure without worrying about creating versions or scripts. Just like Heroku works, users have the ability to simply “push” an application (either in GIT / Bitbucket or directly on the server) and deploy it automatically on its stack of servers. This was not created in a similar way to here. Not only does it focus on implementation, but it also ensures that it can extend its core development processes to reflect the actual version. The main problem today is that although GIT was adopted by developers, its use for copying the database and for other purposes was not common. For example, the basic service for VPSDeploy allows you to back up the installation of WordPress or the support infrastructure without expensive equipment.
To illustrate the most important element of this system, the endpoint manager, we need to think about how web applications work and the possibilities they offer.

The problem with current operations, especially online, is that they are very homogeneous. It is generally recommended to run a single application server to publish Rails or ASP.net instances without any other conditions.

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