PR – What is a press release?

When it comes to marketing, small business owners often ignore one of the most effective tools: a press release. If you have not thought of writing one, you may be exploring this communication strategy.

What is a press release?

A press release is a written statement presented to the media as a means of informing the different “publics” of any news about their activity or organization. Your target group is your target group: customers, employees and investors.

Sometimes called “press release” or “press release”, it’s just different names for the same thing. The press release is not the same thing as advertising. It differs from advertising in that the press release is used to obtain free advertising, while advertising is based on rates. In this sense, you should only use one for events that deserve to be published. These promotions may include, among others, employees, rewards or new products / services.

To write

Writing one is a very simple process. They simply write this in the form of a newspaper article and explain “who, when, what, how and why”. Your version will also need a “viewing angle” or a “hook”; In other words, why is it worth publishing? You can also send an offer from the company representative regarding the message. Make sure to provide contact information for your company and facilitate communication with you from anyone who needs more information. Print your edition on the banner of your organization to make it more professional.


The following is the standard format:

Date of publication: contains the date on which you want to publish the information. You can search for it immediately or obtain a later date.

Title: Enter an address to catch the attention of target markets. This is similar to the title of a newspaper article. Do not use all capital letters because they are difficult to read.

Summary: Write a short summary paragraph explaining your information in one or two sentences.

Body Press Release: There may be two or more paragraphs of informative information. Add a paragraph about your company / organization and explain how it works or the reduced history. You can insert an appointment on the news. The press release can not exceed two pages.

Completion Symbols: Use the triple book symbol (###) or the word “End” at the end of the press release to indicate that it is complete.

Tags: A relatively recent novelty in a modern press release is the inclusion of possible characters in its history. This is particularly useful if you want to send a press release to online distribution services.


Once edited and corrected, they are ready for distribution. You need to determine who your target markets are and what means are best for them. You do not want to send a message on a new video game to a magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts!

There are many ways to distribute your information. These include “publication”, email and websites that provide a press release. The latter can be free or paid, you can see that paid distribution reaches your information faster and with more resources.

The more accurate the press release, the more likely it is to be published. Editors like him have facilitated their work in published press releases. Maybe the journalist uses it even in the idea of ​​a special story.

Bonnie Mesick is an independent writer specializing in commercial communications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with a specialization in public relations writing and an accounting assistant. She enjoys working with her creative and business skills and understands the importance of the business world. He has worked in areas such as logistics, advertising and education. Previous positions were: Accountant, Traffic Coordinator and Public Relations Officer. Most recently, he has worked independently for and In his spare time, he enjoys reading, walking, camping and going to the beach with his family.

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