What is the best service for distributing press releases for SEO?


This small online store only works for sellers with a limited budget. For $ 99, the problem is distributed to a variety of health resources and the results are tracked in one place. I also found that customer service was quick and helpful, and Merick Lozano, one of the founders of the company, personally responded by referring to the “store” of popmothers.

The disadvantage was that the links in the version of the sites published were configured as “not followed”, which made the press release a little valuable from the point of view of SEO.


These guys are a little more rooted and that’s how it is. A supplier was immediately named and its $ 200 distribution solution was launched, with low-end offerings that do not contain embedded links, which undoubtedly enhances search engine optimization that can be included in the release. . the press of my client.

The version was a little more populated than PRLeap, although the sites that implemented the launch were not particularly exciting. SFGate was an exception because the links were embedded and did not add rel = nofollow, leaving the SEO juice intact.

The only thing that surprised me about PRLeap is the lack of tools to inform online versions at the time of writing. When I asked my PRWeb representative what was the best way to inform where the press release had been received, I suggest you do a search on Google.

PR Newswire

This is a real news distribution toolbox. To be honest, PR Newswire’s press release cost US $ 700 before the extensions (such as target groups of journalists) and live news was sent to newsrooms across the country, while others were testing the services. online. Its comparison means that looking from apple to apple is the best value among all the distribution tools.

PR Newswire makes its users difficult. I had to submit several documents and show that I had a real company to approve their services, but once on board, a representative and a customer service representative were appointed. Both were helpful and quick enough to answer my questions.

My press release has been added to more than 230 websites. You can count on 4 links to your website in the press release. It’s a hard drive to create links!

These are some of the best practices for distributing press releases.

1) The best transfer days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Better before, but keep the market at 9:30 and 16:30. Extra time can help you (10:08 instead of 10:00).

2) It is better to have a link for about 100 shared words, approximately. Many links can be unwanted.

3) Make SEO links to your website using text that describes what you are doing. If you are a Venturebeat, do not link the word “Venturebeat.com” in your press release. Find a way to include news about technology or innovation in the link.

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