Write an online press release to create a new website.

Many webmasters face many difficulties after launching a new website. You can not wait for people to find you through the search engines. You should stay there and post a word about your new website. One thing you can do is launch a professional advertising campaign to promote your website, but most of us do not have that money. We must therefore resort to free advertising methods. An effective way to promote your website for free is to publish press releases.

Press releases are usually written by the main beneficiaries to draw the attention of the media to the customer. They are usually distributed by e-mail, fax or e-mail to major publications in the hope that the story will be written by journalists. In an Internet environment, they work in the same way as if they have small format differences and are normally introduced in online distribution services.

Most of the time, a free ad requires that you write your own press release and most webmasters ignore it. However, with some basic knowledge, everyone can implement this advertising strategy.

First, decide if your website deserves information or not. If you want to give a journalist the opportunity to capture your article, it must be a written and objective story and not an advertisement. If you do not think your website is special, touch it. Do something that deserves to be read and interesting. For example, you can sponsor a charity, interview a celebrity or even share your own story.

The elements of the press release are as follows:

The title of the article. It must capture the attention of the reader, be descriptive, relevant and not contain more than 100 characters.

2) The summary is the paragraph that appears under the main heading on the bold line. Be concise (no more than 250 characters), relevant and identify the unique features of your site.

3) The body contains the date, the introduction and the details. Provide enough information about your business, but keep it in the right place. Some sales departments require at least 500 words, but I think 250 words are enough. It depends on the nature of your website. Also make sure that there is a blank line between paragraphs to improve visibility.

The datagram is usually entered automatically by the online distribution services and includes the date of publication of the press release and the place of origin.

Introduction or press release is the first paragraph. It usually consists of two sentences or three sentences and answers the questions: what, when, where and why.

In the details panel, you can add statistics, appointments, interviews, or other relevant information to your website. You can even quote for a more humane approach.

4) The section, also called “Boilerplate”, contains basic information about the company that publishes a press release. Here you can insert links to your site.

5) Coordinates This section often does not require an explanation. Make sure you enter the email address of the company you visit regularly.

Send your press release now. Some online news services are paid, but some services are free. PRlog.org is a free distribution service with a good reputation. It also accepts links to your website, which is good for SEO.

Therefore, press releases are an important tool to promote your website for free and should not be ignored. A well-written press release will bring you advantages in terms of openness and referencing. Of course, advertising sites use more advertising techniques that do not cost you money, but press releases are the first steps in an effective advertising campaign.

Cosmin is a Romanian businessman who sells a million random links on his website. He usually writes on his blog about internet marketing and shares pages and interesting ideas.

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